I heard these words four years ago at a seminar hosted by Allon Raiz and they have baffled me ever since because I believe in people’s capacity to be more than they think they are.  I see challenges as opportunities for proving that one is indeed capable of overcoming whatever obstacle.

With this optimism, I have unfortunately vested a lot of energy in people who are not willing to take the initiative to change their circumstances.  These are the same people who make promises they never keep.  Furthermore, they do not see anything wrong with chronically failing to meet their commitments.

Having spoken to David Wilkinson, a great motivational speaker and executive coach, he corroborated with Allon Raize by saying, “Business finds entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs find themselves in business.”

Perhaps it is true then.  Entrepreneurs are simply wired differently.  We simply do not perceive the world through the same lens as other people.

So, if you’re still pondering business then this is just not for you (trust me).  But if you’re already in business…  Hey buddy, I know what you’re going through…

Your attitude is the compass that will point you in your right direction.

Vusi Sindane