Analysing a company’s sales process gives one a view into the whole company, how it operates and the organisational capital that governs it.

For example, some time back a colleague of mine asked me to accompany him to a sales call – the objective was to sell a new website to the client.  I cringed throughout the whole meeting and almost choked on the juice they offered us as he blasted the poor lady with jargon and went on and on about solutions without knowing what she actually wanted. Yeah, it’s a website but still, there are always underlying reasons why people want such things.

I eventually intervened and asked client where she would like to see her business in the next 5 yrs. She said she’s retiring from the business and handing over to someone else in a year. I immediately knew why she wanted the website. She actually didn’t want a website, she wanted a system which is web based that would automate a few of her administrative tasks in order to make the handover a little easier…

Selling is about listening and understanding the problem and then working together to find the best solution!! In fact, a sales process is a microcosm of what an entire business is supposed to be doing.

  1. A business is supposed to listen to the market and its customers to find out what is needed (Market Research)
  2. That information must be relayed to people that create solutions (Innovation & Product Development)
  3. Another team must communicate the solutions back to the customers (Marketing & Sales)
  4. and another delivers on the promises (Operations)

Irrespective of the size of a business, be it a one-man-show or a holding company with a complex structure of subsidiaries.  They are all doing the same thing in principle.

Therefore to get a glimpse of the company, just accompany one of the sales guys to the field; watch closely, that experience will give you a window into the company.

Vusi Sindane