What is capital?

“In economics, capital goods, or real capital are those already-produced durable goods that are used in production of goods or services.” – Wikipedia

Simply put, this means anything that is already produced that can be put into the production of something else is capital. Therefore knowledge in the information era is a form or capital. Stones in the Stone Age are a form of capital. Roads in the city are also a form of capital.

A person who uses a piano for its purpose of creating music is a pianist. Therefore a person who uses capital for its purpose of creating goods and services is a capitalist.

The trouble is not capitalism as a system. The trouble are people with a moral deficiency that use the system to commit immoral acts. As it were, a person can use a gun to harass people, another can use the same gun to defend his neighbour from burglars.

Money or any other form of capital for that matter cannot put itself into production. There must be a human being whom, as an expression of their freedom, chooses what to do with capital. If their choices are immoral, then that person is immoral, however we must make it clear that that person is not the system. To an extent that there are Christian ministers that exploit people in the name of spreading the gospel; those ministers are unethical and immoral but that should not be used as a basis to judge Christianity.

Once we dispel the myths around capital, as entrepreneurs we can harness it freely to add value to other people without feeling like thieves.

Vusi Sindane