The rise [again] of Julius Malema reminds me of a short story told by a monk about a donkey that fell in a well;  it goes something like this (note that I’ve re-adapted it as a metaphor):

Once upon a time there was a donkey taking a stroll in an open forest.  The donkey wasn’t very mindful about where it was going.  It was only concerned about eating as much as possible.

Suddenly the donkey tripped and fell into a well.  Fortunately it was dry. When the donkey regained consciousness it realized that it was stuck, so it began yelling for help.

“Help! Help!”  Yelled the donkey.

After of a few hours of constant yelling and crying, a farmer heard the noise and went to investigate.  When the farmer realized it was a donkey, he thought “good reddens, here’s the donkey that’s been eating my crop!”

So the farmer fetched a big spade and decided to shovel dirt into the well to bury the donkey.  It continued to yell louder and louder as it realized that someone was trying to bury it.  After some time the noised from the well disappeared and the farmer was happy and encouraged, more than ever, to shovel more dirt to fill the well and make sure the donkey had no way of escaping.

Meanwhile the donkey had an excellent realization at the bottom of the well.  Whenever the dirt was thrown down the well, it decided to shake it off and stomp on it to make it solid ground.  It continued to this over and over again;  whenever the farmer tossed some dirt down the well, it shook it off and stomped on it.  After some time the donkey started to rise on the solid ground and eventually the farmer saw some donkey-ears emerging from the well!

Before the farmer could react to the shock, the donkey jumped out and bit the farmer on the backside (just to prove that what goes around comes around) and the farmer ran away.

The donkey lived happily ever after!


Vusi Sindane