Whenever I resign to bed early (say around 10pm), I tend to wake up around 3am and continue working. Last night, as usual, I did. However I slept again after two hours because I felt a bit tired. That’s also normal for me. I don’t dictate to my body when I should wake and when I should sleep.

When I woke up again around 7am to take my kids to school, strange things began to happen. The plane was flooded and one was required to swim out every so often to fetch a bottle of purple stuff. This was a normal errand,  a little like checking your emails every so often. Every time I swam out though, one element we rely on to determine reality got distorted. For example, when I came back the first time it remained night for a days. But nobody around me said anything about it, in fact it was perfectly normal for everyone to be in the house, in their pyjamas, getting ready to sleep.

After a few weeks of this I had to get to the bottom of it! I started asking everyone what the date was and everybody gave me an odd look and avoided the question. It was clear to me that I was not myself (so to speak).  This was a dream.  I eventually woke up to take my kids to school.

The time is 7am.  I walked outside to open the gate while wondering what on earth that dream was about. I tried to open it and found it was locked. So I went back inside to fetch the key when a stray donkey pushed the gate closed.  “But it was closed and locked just now,” I thought to myself!

Please note that at this stage I am perfectly awake and lucid. So I’m thinking no, this cannot be. I get into the house and also realize that I can only see my wife through a mirror. I cannot see her straight up.  “No ways,” I thought to myself! “I must be dreaming again. But I woke up just now. I know I woke up. I’m not dreaming. I’m not sleeping.”

After a few days of this absurdity I started getting very frustrated.  So I wondered how to escape this terrible dream. But every attempt to wake up came with an empirical reassurance that it was not a dream, it was the real deal;  besides, how do you wake up?

Weeks and months went by and the frustration from these abnormalities petered away and I actually started believing that everything was quite normal.  I routinely visited the mirror to ask my wife simple things like, “have you see my socks?” and she would give me the look.  I suppose things were a different kind of normal but  normal none-the-less.

I WOKE UP AGAIN.  The time is 7am (again), it’s time to take my kids to school. I’m baffled! Is this real?  I look at the trees with deep suspicion as they wave their branches eerily in the howling wind.  I walk lightly, as if walking on eggs, expecting the ground to crack open and say hello.   The wind is chilly, I’m wondering why?  Is something strange about to happen?  I’m suspicious!  I don’t trust anything!


Is what we think is normal actually normal or is it just an acceptance of the status quo of this dream of life?

Vusi Sindane