I’ve been learning to do things slightly differently, especially with the little things that have disappeared into our subconscious such as brushing teeth, walking, waking up and so on. Here’s an interesting experiment for making coffee.

Ask anyone and they will tell you how they take their coffee: “Three sugars, one coffee, warm milk…” etc. The rationale is to try and make the same coffee all the time. I suppose the magic word is “consistency” isn’t it? Or is it an expression of our fear of change?

Well, I’ve ditched the measuring utensils altogether. I simply toss the sugar straight from the bowl without using a teaspoon. Then I toss the coffee straight into the mug and then the milk. The rule is to accept the results and drink the coffee as it is no matter what happens.

After a few weeks of this, I noticed that my perception of how much is enough sugar, coffee or milk changed with every cup. I’m guessing it has to do with mood, time of day or maybe how much noise I’ve been exposed to for the day. I don’t really know but this is an exciting way of making coffee nonetheless.

Try this method. It really makes for interesting discoveries, especially if you make it for someone else and serve it with a smile.

Vusi Sindane