Two months ago I started running.  I ran 2km and vomited and felt like dying, literally.  Two days ago I ran 12,5km in the morning and went to work afterwards – no problem!

And so I have come to appreciate the relationship between the mind and the body.  I’ve come to appreciate that the mind is not in charge of the body.  Neither is the body in charge of the mind.

If the body is not in good shape, it affects the mind negatively.  At the same time, if the mind is not in good shape, the body suffers.

On the other hand, if the mind is in good shape but the body is not, it feels like running a marathon through mud and getting anything done becomes difficult.  Similarly, if the body is in good shape but the mind is not, then one cannot achieve their goals because their energy gets misdirected.

There is an assumption that the transformation of the mind inadvertently leads to the transformation of the body (and/or the other way around).  This is not true.  Similarly, being physically fit does not automatically lead to mental fitness.

Let me explain…

A few years I learned how to play the piano.  Eventually I played at my first ever music festival.  I actually played four-hands with my teacher (this means two people playing on one piano).  I was brilliant at playing individual pieces but I could not play four hands to save my life – my timing was almost always wrong.  Together we produced a cacophony, rather than a harmony of music.

And perhaps what we refer to as spirit is the music played by the mind and body.  Perhaps the spirit does not exist without the mind and the body.

You see when you burn a piece of wood, it ceases to be wood.  When you blow out a candle light, it ceases to be light.  And when you die the music stops playing…


Vusi Sindane