When your belt is comfortable, you are not aware that you’re wearing it. – Alan Watts

And so it seems that an expert who is truly effective and efficient in the employment of their expertise should become invisible.

They should become, like a pair of glasses, clear in order for the eye to see clearly.  Evidently as soon as they collect dust and scratches, they draw the attention of the eye towards themselves and in so doing lose their effectiveness.

Thus, one should avoid titles. One should do their best to fend off the desire for recognition.  One should do what needs to be done and that’s it.


When studying, one should endeavor to learn, rather than accumulate certification and validation.  I would go as far as saying, one’s evidence of mastery should be measured by the difference they make rather than the pedigree of their certification.

Mastery is by the observer and realised by the master.


Vusi Sindane