Walking in the thicket

a grey wolf appears

“I am death!”  says the wolf

“I am hear,” I say to the wolf

“Well, what will you do when I catch you?”  says the wolf

“I will fight for my flesh.”  I say to the wolf

“But what of your existence?” says the wolf

“Oh, If I take your eyes will I exist according to your sight?

If I take your ears, will I exist according to your hearing?

If I take your tongue, will you ever taste the bitterness of my flesh?

If I take your skin, will you ever feel the warmth of my blood oozing from my body?

I mean to say, an apple is a manifestation of an apple tree

In the same way, I am a manifestation of  mere senses.

Therefore I will fight for my flesh, such that you may fulfill my duty to your sense

But I will not fight to avoid death because there’s nothing there.

In death there are no eyes, no ears, no feelings, no taste and no smell.

There is nothing but nothing.

If I am wrong about the nothingness of death, then perhaps I will discover that I am here having died many times before.

So you see?  I will fight for my flesh but not for my existence.”



Vusi Sindane