This is perhaps the most thought-provoking interview I’ve seen with Elon Musk.  The questions are deep and his responses are breathtaking at times.  Here’s a list of questions asked:

  • What is your mission in life? 1:04
  • What is life for you(Elon Musk)? 3:44
  • How life will be on earth in 20, 30, 50 years from now? 6:03
  • Why is it dangerous? (About Artificial Intelligence) 10:42
  • Do you think within 20 years we have Alien in earth? 11:17
  • Do you think there is other intelligence life outside the earth? 11:28
  • Do you think we may contact these aliens within 50 years? 12:26
  • Once you said you will die on Mars…Why? 13:31
  • You tweeted that you are building the tunnel under Washington dc. Why? 14:17
  • I asked you ” would you have presence in U.A.E?” 16:45
  • What is next in technology that disturb the way we live? 17:31
  • What three pieces of advice can you give to them? 19:51
  • How do you come with these ideas actually? 27:24
  • How do you choose your team? 30:29
  • What was your biggest challenge in life? 31:32
  • What is your advice for them? (To young people)? 32:25

For me, the fact that Elon was born in South Africa is interesting because surely, there’s no way he would have achieved all he has in this country. The environment is a powerful invisible bubble that shapes our paradigms and capacity to think about what’s possible.

Now then:  What is the real cost of a leadership that fails to inspire its people and create an enabling environment?

Vusi Sindane