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To think that freedom is about doing whatever you want whenever you want is a fallacy.  The way I see it, it is a recipe for abject boredom! I will borrow an analogy from Alan Watts (click to watch the video), Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream that you wanted to dream, ...

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[Nessun Dorma] None Shall Sleep!

This piece is the show-stopping finale of a tale of love, composed by Giacomo Puccini.  It is the story of an unknown prince [Calaf] who falls in love with a princess [Turandot].  However any man who wishes to wed her must answer three riddles correctly, if not he is beheaded!  This is what I found on ...

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Leadership is Undemocratic

It is increasingly evident to me that to achieve anything significant, one ought to be resolute and unwavering on that which must be achieved. Having said this, there has never been a great achievement in history, whose realisation came about from the perspiration of one person. For this reason, once the goal is set, it ...

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In Principle

“I would rather die now than, like the gentleman, change my politics and simultaneous with the change receive an office worth three thousand dollars a year, and then have to erect a lightning-rod over my house to protect a guilty conscience from an offended God.” Abraham Lincoln Excerpt From: Ketcham, Henry. “The Life of Abraham ...

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Short Story for Marikana

“One fine day it occurred to the Members of the Body that they were doing all the work and the Belly was having all the food. So they held a meeting, and after a long discussion, decided to strike work till the Belly consented to take its proper share of the work. So for a ...

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Chicken and Eggs

“What is meditation?” Asks the student. “It is frying chicken and eggs in one pan.”  Replies the teacher.

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Experiment: Making Coffee

I’ve been learning to do things slightly differently, especially with the little things that have disappeared into our subconscious such as brushing teeth, walking, waking up and so on. Here’s an interesting experiment for making coffee. Ask anyone and they will tell you how they take their coffee: “Three sugars, one coffee, warm milk…” etc. ...

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