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A dream within a dream (within a dream)

Whenever I resign to bed early (say around 10pm), I tend to wake up around 3am and continue working. Last night, as usual, I did. However I slept again after two hours because I felt a bit tired. That’s also normal for me. I don’t dictate to my body when I should wake and when ...

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Poem :: Spontaneity

Without delay, not implying haste, The orange leaves announce the coming of winter. Without consent, not implying motive, The breeze dries the washing on the line. Without order, not implying chaos, The mind thinks this and sometimes that. Without a canvas, not implying emptiness, The sky is blue. Soon it will blush at the serenading ...

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Sitting on a Hot Stove

A man sitting on a hot stove will jump off with or without anyone’s consent.   This is the nature of sitting on a hot stove. A week ago I got a call from a few gentlemen running a small civil engineering business asking for help.  The recent heavy rains have ruined a road that’s ...

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Story :: Lessons from Julius Malema on Dealing with Difficulty


The rise [again] of Julius Malema reminds me of a short story told by a monk about a donkey that fell in a well;  it goes something like this (note that I’ve re-adapted it as a metaphor): Once upon a time there was a donkey taking a stroll in an open forest.  The donkey wasn’t very ...

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The Yearnings of a Pianist

Playing a chord, the great mountains crumble. Playing a note, the pianist vanishes. Who are you? Beckons the piano with a gesture of silence. Without a word, the pianist appears. For indeed, in stillness one realizes self. In decisive action, one is self. In oneself the great mountains crumble And the music is what it ...

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A Lost People

You know that story about all the limbs of the body. The hand said ‘We do all our work,’ the feet said ‘We do our work,’ the mouth said ‘We do all the chewing, and here’s this lazy stomach who just gets it all and doesn’t do a thing. He didn’t do any work, so ...

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Death is Undemocratic

Death is undemocratic it seems. Life lessons are adolescent it seems. Mass frustrations are increasingly incandescent  it seems, but myopic leadership is increasingly amaurotic it seems. Death is undemocratic is seems. I pray for wisdom to be blatantly anarchic. 5. Dec. 2013

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A Broken Paradigm of Business

The goal of a business is to make money for its shareholders.  This is the bottom line. Many people join the entrepreneurial fray purely out of circumstance, to try and make a living.  Be that as it may, as soon as business starts, one quickly learns that things are not as they seem –  the ...

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Clutching the waters to avoid drowning, Such is a man who drowns. Letting go of the waters to drown, Such is a man who floats.

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The idea of purpose implies knowledge of an ideal.  If we think of something as having purpose we are establishing a relationship between what it is and what [we think] it should be (according to the ideal). If we say the purpose of a business is to make money for its shareholders, then the way ...

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